Q. Why does it take so long to have my dog groomed?

A. At Best in Show we do not do dogs start to finish. We do not believe in "zoom groom" here. Each dog is placed in its own separate kennel with a clean memory foam pillow to rest upon. Older dogs with health issues are the first to be groomed and first to go home. The grooming process can be stressful so we feel it is important for the dogs to rest in between each process. Dogs have no concept of time, so whether it's 20 minutes to four hours it all feels the same to them.

Q. My dog's toenail is bleeding. What do I do?

A. It's always best to have quick stop on hand, but if you don't then you can use corn starch or baking soda. Wet your finger and press it into the corn starch then press powder into the bleeding toe nail and keep pressure on it for a few minutes. Do not allow your dog to go outside for at least an hour. Hydrogen peroxide will clean up any blood that has gotten on your dog or flooring.

Q. How late are you open?

A. To keep our expenses down, we close when we are done grooming our last dog. We ask that you be available to pick up your pet within 20 minutes of receiving your notification call.

Q. Why is my dog more expensive this time? Why isn't there a set price?

A. Those clients who bring in their animals on a regular basis will not be charged extra. Pets that come in every 3 months or longer will be more matted or have to have their pattern reset. This takes us a lot of extra time so it is reasonable to charge extra.

Q. What is included in the grooming price?

A. Some places will charge extra for toenails, ear plunking and anal glands. We include all this in our grooming price and there's no extra charge for bows or bandannas.

Q. Why does my dog seemed afraid when I drop him/her off to be groomed?

A. Grooming is not a natural process for animals. They may feel a little separation anxiety when leaving their owners, but be assured that the staff at Best in Show does everything we can do make your pets visit here as relaxing as it can be. In most cases your pet will calm down as soon as you leave and will enjoy his or her experience with us.